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International Conference on Nuclear Security 2020

from Monday, 10 February 2020 (08:00) to Friday, 14 February 2020 (18:00)

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10 Feb 2020
IAEA Coordinated Research Programmes for Information and Computer Security (until 13:00) ()
11:45 Toward a Localized Cybersecurity Strategy for Critical Assets - Ms Fan Zhang (University of Tennessee-Knoxville)   ()
12:00 Blended Threat Nuclear-Cyber Scenario Development - Christopher Spirito (Idaho National Laboratory)   ()
12:15 Development of the Asherah Nuclear Power Plant Simulator for Cyber Security Assessment - Dr Rodney Aparecido Busquim e Silva (University of Sao Paulo, )   ()
12:15 Understanding Nuclear Cyber Security Measures, Risks and Consequences: from Tank Levels to Plant Processes - Dr Rodney Aparecido Busquim e Silva (Brazilian Governement)   ()
12:15 Virtualization-assisted testing of network security systems for NPPs - Dr Tamás Holczer (BME CrySyS)   ()
Identification, Classification, and Protection of Digital Assets in a Nuclear Security Regime (until 13:00) ()
11:30 Evaluation of the appropriateness of Trust Models to specify Defensive Computer Security Architectures for Physical Protection Systems - Mr John Sladek (John Sladek Enterprises Inc.)   ()
11:45 Digital Hazards Identification: A New Approach to Cyber Security for Nuclear Facilities - Mr Andrew Clark (Sandia National Laboratories)   ()
12:00 A systemic approach to information and cyber security - Mr Francisco Luiz De Lemos (CNEN _ National Nuclear Energy Commission)   ()
12:15 Cyber Security Risk Analysis and Technical Defense Architecture Research of ICS in Nuclear Power Plant Construction Stage - Mrs Yun Guo   ()
12:30 Application of a simplified five step process to identify and classify Sensitive Digital Assets - Michael Rowland (Practical Reason Incorporated)   ()
Physical protection systems: evaluation and assessment (until 13:00) (M4)
11:30 The Physical protection systems: evaluation and assessment - O Abdelouahed Chetaine (Center of Energy, Faculty of sciences university Mohammed V in Rabat Morocco)   (M4)
11:45 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Physical Protection System for Nuclear and other Radioactive Materials Used in Research Institutes - Prof. Alpana Goel (Amity University)   (M4)
12:00 Adapting to Response - Customized Alarm Response Training - Mr Jimmie Williams (US DOE)   (M4)
12:15 NUCLEAR SECURITY PROJECT FOR A BRAZILIAN FACILITY - Dr João Claudio Batista Fiel (Military Institute of Engineering)   (M4)
12:30 Significance and Challenges of Physical Protection Systems Effectiveness Evaluation for Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities - Alexander Izmaylov (JSC “FEDERAL CENTRE of SCIENCE and HIGH TECHNOLOGIES “SNPO ”ELERON”, Russian Federation)   (M4)
Identification of national needs through the development of an Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan (until 15:30) ()
Innovative technologies to reduce nuclear security risks and improve cost effectiveness, where feasible (until 16:00) ()
14:30 Treatment Not Terror: Africa, Progress and Lessons - Mr Hubert Foy (African Centre for Science and International Security)   ()
14:45 Biometrics security and privacy protection - Mr Ahmed Asaker (Nuclear Security Head for First Egyptian Research Reactor)   ()
15:00 Switching from a Cesium-137 Blood Irradiator to an X-ray Irradiator – Experience at a Community-based Hospital in the Northeastern U.S. - Marissa Hernandez (Atlantic Health System - Morristown Medical Center)   ()
15:15 Ensuring a Stable Supply of Mo-99 in the U.S. without the use of HEU - Dr Thad Heltemes (Argonne National Laboratory)   ()
15:30 The Prospect of Blockchain for Strengthening Nuclear Security - Ms Maria Lovely Umayam (Stimson Center) Dr Cindy Vestergaard (Stimson Center)   ()
15:45 Radiological Risk Reduction in Uruguay: An International Alternative Technology Pilot - Mr Jodi Lieberman   ()
Physical protection systems: evaluation and assessment (until 16:00) (M4)
14:30 IAEA’s Technical support forEstablishing Requirements for the Security Up-Grades at Egypt’s Second Research Reactor Complex - Dr Amir Tolba (Egyptian Atomic Energy Authoriy, Second Research Reactor ETRR2)   (M4)
14:45 Challenges of maintaining the security of radioactive sources of categories 1,2 and 3 in case of abnormal conditions - Mr Fadhil Mizban (Iraqi)   (M4)
15:00 Performance Testing in the Secure Transport of Nuclear, Radiological, and other High-Risk Materials - Dr Allyn Milojevich (Y12 National Security Complex) Mr Greg Verner (Y12 National Security Complex)   (M4)
15:15 Radiological Material Security in Large Panoramic Irradiators: Lessons Learned - Mr Martin Sandoval (Sandia National Laboratories)   (M4)
15:30 Modelling and Simulation to inform decision making on Physical Protection Solution and Land Management - Robert Rodger (National Nuclear Laboratory) jeremy edwards (National Nuclear Laboratory)   (M4)
Research Reactor Security (until 18:00) ()
16:30 Quantifying Potential Target Attractiveness In Research Reactors And Associated Facilities - ATHANASIOS SFETSOS (NCSR DEMOKRITOS)   ()
16:45 Review the Assessment Methodologies for Nuclear Security for Research Reactors and Associated Facilities (RRAF) - Dr Simon Adu   ()
17:00 Nuclear security risk analysis of an higher education institution research reactor - Jason Harris (Purdue University)   ()
17:15 Using a Graded Approach in the Oversite of Security at NRC-Licensed Research Reactors - Ms Elizabeth Reed (U.S. NRC)   ()
17:30 Project Management Strategy of Physical Protection System Upgrading for Nuclear Facility - Dr Magdy Abdelaal (Manager of ETRR-2, EAEA, Egypt)   ()
Risks and benefits to nuclear security from innovations in other fields, including artificial intelligence and big data (until 18:00) ()
16:30 Reconceptualising Nuclear Security as a Business Enabler: Opportunities and Challenges - Christopher Hobbs (King's College London)   ()
16:45 Increasing Log-Access Security System Based On Face Recognition - Mr Ahmed Solyman (Radiation Engineering Department, National Center for Radiation Research and Technology, Atomic Energy Authority, Cairo, P.O. 11787, Egypt)   ()
17:00 Evaluating Security Implications of the “Splinternet” - Lindsey Gerhrig (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)   ()
17:15 Risks of the Spread of Drones to Nuclear Facilities and the Necessary Requirements to Mitigate their Potential Threats - Mr Mohammed Allam (Egyptian)   ()
17:30 Prioritizing Actions for Managing Cyber Security Risks - Ms Debra Decker (Stimson Center) Ms Kathryn Rauhut (Stimson Center) Mr Mark Fabro (Lofty Perch)   ()
17:45 Nuclear Facility Low Altitude Threat and Defense Technology - Mrs Xuan Guo (China Nuclear Power Engineering Co) Mr Zeyu Zhao (State Nuclear Security Technology Center)   ()