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10-14 February 2020
Europe/Vienna timezone

drafting regulions on the transport security of nuclear and others radioactive materials: experiences of african states

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Poster PP: Transport of nuclear and other radioactive material: practices, challenges and regulatory issues




The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) recognizes that the drafting of regulatory text is the means of guaranteeing an adequate nuclear legal regime in order to preserve peace, health and security of populations. For the IAEA, the challenges are great and various. To this end, the IAEA provides constant support in the development of legal text in the sensitive areas of nuclear safety and security. one of these areas is the transport of nuclear and others radioactive materials. transport is unquestionably a phase where the security of materials is vulnerable and all measures must be taken to avoid malicious acts.
The development of regulations on the transport security of nuclear material and others radioactive materials requires the combination of several competences. It brings togother both technicians and legal experts and must follow a clearly established procedure to ensure the acceptability of the final text. however, national autorities in Africa do not always have theses skills and even when theses skills exist, they often need support or assistance to be more effective.
In this context, the IAEA supports african countries in strengthening their regulatory framework for transport security of nuclear and radioactive materials. In this exercise, the IAEA uses its network of international experts to assist countries in developing or consolidating their txts through the Nuclear safety and Nuclear security department.This use of international experts, external to the countries has significant advantages in achieving IAEA objectives.Successful examples of such support exist particularly in african countries. Examples includes Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Benin, Mauritania and Ghana.
The tree should not hide the forest, the successes garnered by this form of assistance made by IAEA should not obscure the difficulties that exist in certain countries and which remain important challenges for the different countries but also for the IAEA.
The purpose of this paper is to highlight the challenges of development of regulations for the transport security of nuclear and others radioactive materials in african countries. It allows to discuss the place of regional experts in the process of of drafting national regulations. At last, it allows to highlight the difficulties that undermine the process.

Proposed outline
1. Introduction
2. The challenge of drafting national regulations on the transport security of nuclear and others radioactive materials
3. Assistance from International Atomic Energy Agency
4. Use of regional expertise under the assistance of IAEA
5. Role of regional expert in the consolidation of national regulations
6. Case examples of some african countries
7. Some difficulties encountered and recommendations to deal with
8. Conclusion

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