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10-14 February 2020
Europe/Vienna timezone

Development of Employee Performance Indicator for Predicting the Insider Threat Behavior

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Poster PP: Insider threats


Alim Mardhi (BATAN)


National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) of Indonesia has been implementing trustworthiness assessment for nuclear facility employee which is part of nuclear security culture program. Currently, survey, interview and observation are still the best methods to assess the changes of employee behavior. These methods are become too subjective and difficult to measure and reanalyze due to the involvement of many experts with different knowledge and skill background. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the method for identifying and classifying employee personal behavior and scoring the degree of potential behavior of malicious insider threat. The objectives of this study are to establish the method for predicting the insider threat by measuring employee performance indicators as a function of personal behavior which can be analyzed quantitatively. There are two steps of constructing the employee performance indicators. The first step develops the standard indicator of trust employee behavior based on national standard of civil servant recruitment and the norm in local culture and establishes the psychological questionnaire to measure contradictive behavior which is potential to be insider threat. At the second step, qualitative data from the first step are quantified by scoring each of questionnaire, clustering the data based on the employee behavior and analyzing statistically the scores. These scores are to be compared to standard indicator of trust employee to obtain employee performance index. This index is expected to be able to show a trend of employee behavior which can be analyzed further for predicting the insider threat behavior in trustworthiness program

Gender Male
State Indonesia

Primary authors

Alim Mardhi (BATAN) Mr Anhar Antariksawan (BATAN) Mr Fatmuanis Basuki (BATAN) Mr Adhyaksa Waskita (BATAN) Mrs Geni Rina S (BATAN) Mr Khairul Khairul (BATAN) Mrs Endang Kristuti (BATAN) Mr Usup Sudiawan (BATAN) Mr Aulia Iskandarsyah (Padjajaran University) Mr Mulya Juarsa (Batan)

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