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13-17 May 2019
Daejeon, Republic of Korea
Europe/Vienna timezone
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Development of high-current power supplies for the TCABR tokamak

13 May 2019, 15:05
Daejeon, Republic of Korea

Daejeon, Republic of Korea

Board: P/1-7
Poster Plasma Control Poster


Prof. Alessandro Santos (Maua Institute of Technology)


An upgrade is being conducted on the TCABR tokamak, which is a small-size tokamak (R0 = 0.62 m and a = 0.2 m) operated at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. An important part of this upgrade is the installation of additional poloidal field coils to allow for the generation of various divertor configurations such as single-null, double-null, snowflake and x-point target divertors. The control of these various magnetic configurations requires the development of 15 robust and high-performance power supplies. To identify the most appropriate solution, different power electronic topologies are being considered such as thyristor-based, IGBT full-bridge, and resonant converter power supplies. In this work, a comparison between these topologies in terms of controllability, complexity and cost will be presented.

Primary authors

Prof. Alessandro Santos (Maua Institute of Technology) Prof. Wilson Komatsu (University of Sao Paulo) Prof. Gustavo Canal (University of Sao Paulo) Dr Wanderley de Sa (University of Sao Paulo) Prof. Jose Severo (University of Sao Paulo) Prof. Fuad Kassab (University of Sao Paulo) Prof. Julio Ferreira (Nacional Institute for Space Research) Prof. Jose Piqueira (University of Sao Paulo) Prof. Ivan Nascimento (University of Sao Paulo) Prof. Ricardo Galvao (University of Sao Paulo)

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