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7-11 October 2019
Vienna International Centre, Vienna
Europe/Vienna timezone
Revised papers to be submitted by 16 August - deadline extended

Call for Abstracts & Papers

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Please submit the abstract and paper here. The maximum word limit is 300 (abstract) and 4 pages (paper).

Do NOT forget to register and also submit the paper as an attachment.

Step 1. Create an INDICO account

Step 2. Complete the registration form available here:

Step 3. Submit abstract and attach paper by 28 April 2019

Step 4. Submit electronically by 28 April 2019 the Participation Form (Form A) and the Form for Submission of a Poster (Form B) to the appropriate governmental authority for transmission to the IAEA (see conference website

IMPORTANT: The electronically received contributed paper will be considered by the Programme Committee only if these two forms have been received by the IAEA through the established official channels.

Before submitting the abstract and paper, you must create an INDICO account. Use the 'Login' tab in the top right corner of the page to register. If you are already a registered INDICO user, please log into the system.

NOTE: This is not associated with the Conference Registration system and is required for all persons wishing to submit a paper!

Concise papers on topics falling within the scope of the conference (see Scientific Programme from the main menu for more information) may be submitted. All papers, apart from invited papers, must present original work and must not have been published elsewhere. Persons who wish to present a paper must submit BOTH an abstract (300 words maximum) and paper (4 pages maximum, including references) by clicking on the 'Submit new abstract' button below and attaching a Word and PDF of your paper. Paper copies cannot be accepted.

Please do not select ‘plenary session’ until, and unless, you are invited to submit for that session.

It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that the submitted abstracts and papers have received any necessary clearance by the relevant governmental authorities and to complete the 'Registration Form' in this system by selecting it from the menu on the left.

Authors must further submit the Participation Form (Form A) and the Form for Submission of a Poster (Form B) to their appropriate governmental authority (see conference website) for transmission to the IAEA. These forms must be received by the IAEA no later than 28 April 2018.

Country: The country must be the same as the author's country of designation in the official registration. Please put ONLY country. In case your official designation will be one of the officially recognized (by IAEA) international organizations (e.g. OECD/NEA etc.), then only put the name of the international organization.

The call for abstracts is open
You can submit an abstract for reviewing.