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22-27 October 2018
Mahatma Mandir Conference Centre
Asia/Kolkata timezone

Poloidal Flows, Asymmetries and Multiscale Organisation in Interplaying Core–edge–SOL Turbulent Plasmas

26 Oct 2018, 08:30
Mahatma Mandir Conference Centre

Mahatma Mandir Conference Centre

Gandhinagar (nearest Airport: Ahmedabad), India
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Dr David Zarzoso


A central challenge in the years to come is to start providing a unified view of magnetised plasma turbulence in regimes of experimental relevance –with near-critical parameters and flux-driven self-organisation– when multiple scales and disparate regions of the plasma self-consistently interplay.

We here present a comprehensive discussion of turbulence properties when confined core, edge and Scrape-Off-Layer (SOL) regions interplay, based on well-diagnosed ToreSupra discharges and flux-driven gyrokinetic computations recently extended to modelling the outer edge and SOL regions where commonly assumed separations of scales tend to break down. Various regimes of electrostatic turbulence: Ion Temperature Gradient (ITG) and Trapped Electron Mode (TEM) are investigated in near-critical flux-driven regimes. Advanced statistical properties of transport, rotation and poloidal asymmetries are analysed and detailed confrontation with high-precision reflectometry is presented, through the use of dedicated synthetic diagnostics.

Paper Number TH/P7-1
Country or International Organization France

Primary author

Dr Guilhem Dif-Pradalier (CEA, IRFM, F-13108 Saint-Paul-lez-Durance cedex, France)


Dr Anna Medvedeva (IPP Garching) Ms C Fukuda (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) Mr Camille Gillot (CEA/IRFM) Ms Elisabetta Caschera (CEA/IRFM) Mr Frederic Clairet (CEA) Dr Guillaume Latu (CEA/IRFM) Dr J-M Reynolds Barredo (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) Ozgur Gurcan (LPP/Ecole Polytechnique/CNRS) Dr Pascale Hennequin (L.P.P. Ecole Polytechnique) Mr Peter Donnel (CEA/IRFM) Mr Philippe Ghendrih (CEA-IRFM) Dr Pierre Morel (L.P.P. Ecole Polytechnique) Dr Raul Sanchez (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) Dr Virginie Grandgirard (CEA/IRFM) Mr Xavier Garbet (CEA) Dr Yanick SARAZIN (CEA, IRFM) Dr Yuuichi Asahi (CEA/IRFM & JAEA, Kashiwa, Chiba) Dr laure vermare (CNRS, LPP Ecole Polytechnique)

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