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Deploying Technology and Management of Sustainable Uranium Extraction Projects

Jun 27, 2018, 9:00 AM


ORAL Track 12. Uranium newcomers Uranium Newcomers


Dr Jing Zhang (IAEA)


Through its Technical Cooperation programme, the IAEA is supporting a major, four-year interregional project on deploying technology and management of sustainable uranium extraction projects. Fifty-two of the IAEA’s Member States are involved, from 2016-2019 inclusive. This project is in continuation of the interregional project on supporting uranium exploration and production that was active during 2012 – 2013. The main activities are Workshops and Training Courses held in the Member States, with both general and specialized topics in the themes of the project, and to provide inputs that can help leverage the value-addition of the uranium value chain and build business models that adaptive to a wide range of local conditions. At the half-way point, the activities of the project are summarized and the activities for the last two years are set out, which have been refined based on feedback from the participants and the specialized experts who have assisted the IAEA.
Country or International Organization IAEA

Primary author

Dr Jing Zhang (IAEA)


Dr Brett Moldovan (IAEA) Mr Harikrishnan Tulsidas (UNECE) Mr LUIS LOPEZ (CNEA (Argentina)) Dr Peter H. Woods (IAEA) Mr Zhiwen Fan (IAEA)

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