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An integrated Capacity Building Approach to Uranium Production Cycle Milestones for regional Asia Pacific Technical Co-operation

Jun 27, 2018, 11:00 AM


ORAL Track 12. Uranium newcomers Uranium Newcomers


Mr Syahril Syahril (IAEA)


Asia-Pacific region is the major consumer of mineral raw materials including uranium and other its associated mineral resources materials. However, production of the required raw materials which are required for many sectors including energy production and agro-industries are not sufficient to meet the demand. This is many due to predominantly low grade, unconventional and relatively technologically difficult to process mineral ore available in the region. Radioactive and associated mineral resources that could be extracted as co or by product far outweighs the conventional mining projects in the region. But the regional capacity to address challenges in economic, environmental and social returns and formulate a well-defined project through the life-cycle is found lacking. Creating a base line capacity and knowledge management platform to address the deficiency in those areas will greatly assist MSs in the region. The IAEA through the technical cooperation (TC) regional project RAS2019 – “Conducting the Comprehensive Management and Recovery of Radioactive and Associated Mineral Resources” provides capacity building in core technology in uranium production, feasibility and macro-economic aspect of uranium production, facilitate exchange of information and good practices, and also provide opportunities for dissemination of R&D results through publication and participation in international conferences.
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Mr Syahril Syahril (IAEA)

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