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Aug 27 – 31, 2018
IAEA, Vienna
Europe/Vienna timezone

Identification of Rice Mutants Tolerant to Cold Stress at the Germination Stage By Tilling

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IAEA, Vienna

IAEA, Vienna



Antonio Costa de Oliveira (Plant Genomics and Breeding Center)


The occurrence of low temperatures is a common stress in rice cultivation in temperate regions, making tolerance to low temperatures a desirable trait in rice genotypes grown in Southern Brazil. These low temperatures hinder germination, crop establishment and grain yield. This study aimed to characterize and identify through the TILLING technique, rice families tolerant to low temperature stresses in the germination stage. In germination analysis, seeds of 400 mutant families rice (M3 generation), and BRS Querência, BR IRGA 409 and Nourim Mochi cultivars were subjected to treatments with different temperatures (13 ° C and 25 ° C) and compared as to their relative performance, as measured by the length of coleoptile, root length and shoot length. For the analysis of mutant families by the TILLING technique, 4,000 M3 plants subdivided in 500 pools of eight plants were analyzed. Mutants were obtained by mutagenesis with ethylmethanesulfonate (EMS), for the presence of mutations in Os03g0103300 (qLTG3-1), a gene connected to germination response to low temperature stress in rice. The results indicate that mutation induction was effective in generating genetic variability for tolerance to low temperatures during germination stage. The TILLING technique allowed the identification of a genotype (516 A3) carrying several SNP mutations in the Os03g0103300 gene (qLTG3-1). SNPs were detected in coding sequences and in the 3'- UTR region, and one mutation was found to be associated to a AP2/ERF domain located downstream the gene and is suggested to be the mutation responsible for the character stress tolerance to low temperatures.

Primary authors

Viviane Kopp da Luz (Plant Genomics and Breeding Center) Vivian Ebeling Viana (Plant Genomics and Breeding Center) Daniel da Rosa Farias (Plant Genomics and Breeding Center) Gabriela Magalhães da Fonseca (Plant Genomics and Breeding Center) Ariano Martins de Magalhães Jr. (Embrapa Temperate Climate) Luciano Carlos da Maia (Plant Genomics and Breeding Center) Camila Pegoraro (Plant Genomics and Breeding Center) Antonio Costa de Oliveira (Plant Genomics and Breeding Center)

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