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Session 19b - Telemedicine

Jun 22, 2017, 1:00 PM


Session 19b - Telemedicine

  • Rajiv Prasad (IAEA)
  • Eduardo Rosenblatt (IAEA)


Learning objectives:
1. To review the scope of telemedicine in radiotherapy
2. To discuss feasibility of telemedicine in the field of radiotherapy in low and middle income countries.

Presentation materials

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Mr Norman Coleman
6/22/17, 1:00 PM
Invited Presentation
Ms Patricia Hardenbergh
6/22/17, 1:15 PM
Invited Presentation
Mr Lotfi Kochbati (Radiation Oncology)
6/22/17, 1:45 PM
Invited Presentation
6/22/17, 2:00 PM
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