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Session 3 - Global cancer challenges and role of RT

Jun 20, 2017, 11:00 AM


Session 3 - Global cancer challenges and role of RT

  • Eduardo Zubizarreta (Section Head ARBR - NAHU - IAEA)
  • Mary Gospodarowicz ()
  • Brendan Healy (International Atomic Energy Agency)


Learning objectives:
1. To identify the more relevant challenges in global cancer management
2.To identify the role of radiotherapy in the global management of cancer

Presentation materials

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Mrs Mary Gospodarowicz (Princess Margaret Hospital (Canada))
6/20/17, 11:00 AM
Invited Presentation
Mr Alfredo Polo (IAEA)
6/20/17, 11:08 AM
Invited Presentation
Mr David Jaffray
6/20/17, 11:16 AM
Invited Presentation
Mrs Yolande Lievens (University Hospital Ghant (Belgium))
6/20/17, 11:24 AM
Invited Presentation
Dr David Followill (MD Anderson Cancer Center)
6/20/17, 11:32 AM
Invited Presentation
6/20/17, 11:40 AM
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